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Bike Service pricing

All service rates are for labour only, parts are not included. Prices are for standard road, hybrid and hardtail bikes. Please bring your dual suspension and electric bikes into the store for a labour quote.

This pricing is only a guide as we must see your bike and will give a proper quote! Price is determined upon the assessment of the bike.


The right service for a bike coming out of storage and getting ready for the commuting season. Also ideal for ensuring your bike is safe for the start line of any race, event or tour.


  • cleaning and lubricating chain;
  • safety check, every bolt of the bicycle is checked and tightened;
  • tires are pumped to pressure

The Regular Tune: $90 - $200 Labor

At the end of a season of regular commuting, or after your race season, your bicycle likely needs some extra love and some parts replaced. 

Includes all of the above start line services plus:

  • wipe down of the frame and wheels;
  • checking and tightening bottom bracket, headset, cranks, hubs and wheel cones;
  • hanger alignment;
  • installation of drive train components including bottom bracket, chain, cassette;
  • minor wheel truing

The Supreme Tune: $180

Includes all of the start and finish line services as well as

  • the removal, cleaning and re installation of drivetrain components in specific bio bicycle component cleaning solvent
  • Frame is cleaned thoroughly and is inspected for damage

The Overhaul: $300

Does your bike need a rebuild? We'll take it down to the frame, clean it, inspect for damage and build it back up again. Includes hub overhaul and hydraulic brake bleed. 


  • BB Tighten/Install – $35
  • Chain Install – $15
  • Cassette/Freewheel install – $20
  • Chain ring Install – $20-25


  • Flat Fix (includes tube) – $28
  • Cone adjust – $15 per wheel
  • Hub overhaul – $35 per hub
  • Wheel true – $30 (minor) $45 (major)
  • Freehub body install – $45
  • Wheel build – $90 per wheel + $2 per spoke
  • Internal hub service/overhaul $75


  • Brake adjust – $20 per brake
  • Pad installation – $20 per brake
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed – $60
  • Derailleur adjust – $20
  • Shift/Brake cable install – $20 per shifter/brake
  • Shifter install – $30
  • Derailleur install – $30
  • Derailleur hanger alignment – $30


  • Fenders – $30-50
  • Rack – $20
  • Boxing a bike for shipping, includes all packing materials – $75
  • Building a new bike from a box (includes tune up) – $120, e bike $150